About Me

Hi, I Am Kriti Meena

 I share my lifestyles with the reason to optimistically inspire you and encourage you to end up more excited and serious about your health and fitness.

But I wasn’t always like this.

Like most people, I had led a routine life. I graduated from college- looking forward for post graduation when I realised my health conditions are getting worse . excessive weakness, poor sleep, frequent broken relationships, swollen body.

I was freaking out and started having anxiety attacks.

After diagnosis it came out be PCOS, hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiency.


I tried everything!

For almost a year, i tried yoga , clean eating , dieting, homeopathy , ayurveda , ovulation pills, gyming , green teas, satvic dieting and what not. Because of my health. I lost the opportunity to move out of the city for further studies.

Clueless and frustated - why its not working?? After following everything the doctors , dieticians and gym trainers said. My lower abdomen used to be always bloated and because of facial hair and pimples - my self confidence dropped immensely.

PCOD is a condition developed by the imbalance of hormones and with it scars and acnes all over my face and back.

My motivation and confidence was crushed as the days were passing and nothing seems to work.

Not knowing basics of health is harmful. My mood swings and food cravings were at peak.

I used to take routinely medicines to maintain blood parameters and energy levels.

I started taking sleeping pills as my sleep cycle was totally unstable and I didn’t knew where to start.


Chasing fad diets and starving myself were not viable options. I knew that I needed a plan that suited my body and my routine. 

I came across about Nutrition Club which helps to maximise nutrition needs. I visited their for better energy levels and muscle gain as excessive exercise made my muscles more weak than ever 

With the nutrition support , I was provided with community support and personal guidance. 

As I started visiting there, I started liking myself back, my energy levels increased , my sleep got better , I was not forced to be on any strict diet but I learned all about balancing.

Little by little , month by month, with help of my coach , My periods started regularising and my skin was shining more than ever.

A complete wellness wheel!

I severed ties with everything that was pulling me back, both mentally and physically. I have learned that no matter how hard you try alone, TOGETHER IS ALWAYS STRONGER!! 

Secondly, focusing only on one aspect of wellness never give us sustainable results!  I used to focus on yoga first, then meditation , then on strict dieting. It didn’t worked for me, even if did – it was for very short span of time.




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My Mission !

So I Created an ONLINE community for all who seek Healthy Lifestyle Habits :

> PCOS/PCOD Reversal Program – CYSTERHOOD

> Personalised Workout Plans

> Weight Loss Marathons

> Special Plan for Hypertension/Diabetes/Thyroid

> Nutrition and cooking guidance.

> Mindfullness Sessions

> Skin Challenges

> Hydration Challenge – Everything about Water Intake