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Know Your Health Status -
10 Days Challenge

Small habits like drinking water effectively & daily movements plays a very important role and significantly shifts our mood , productivity and energy levels. 

 Very low commitment but impactful challenge helped over 700 people till now.

Without having any extra efforts , learn and apply healthy habits in your routine online.

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Cysterhood -
Woman Health

A program specially designed for women of all age groups – Girls age 3-10 , Adolescence age 11- 18 ,Pre- natal , Post Pregnancy and Menopausal Phase. 

Helping 30+ women to balance hormones and regularising their period cycle.

Weight Loss Marathon - WLM

Losing weight is easy but what about bounce backs and hitting plateaus? 

Losing weight is easy but what about dull skin and low energy? 

A personalised program designed with keeping in mind the lifestyle correction habits is all you need to have SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS!

Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle - UMS

Universal Membership (UMS) is a highly structured system created for Holistic Health Goals – working towards family wellness and mindful life. 

With coaching and guidance , you also experience an amazing community which helps you to stay consistent and lively.

All results are 80% Lifestyle & 20% Movements.